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We believe in all round personal development and for this our college have multi dimensional activities throughout the course work.

  • Community Service Camp in a rural setting to develop social values and service to society.
  • Educational tour – to give opportunity to students to see and understand the various places of historical importance and appreciate the diverse culture of India – to develop leadership quality in planning and administration.
  • Socially Useful Productive Work – opportunity for becoming self-reliant and resourceful.
  • Community Work and Outreach programmes to inculcate service to society and reach out to the under privileged consequently inculcating the value of the dignity of labour.
  • Guest Lectures by experts in the relevant subjects of the curriculum to get in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Morning Assembly to inculcate discipline in thought, word and deed.
  • Subject Associations provide opportunities for more activities such as quiz, competitions, debate, panel discussion, etc. as part of the curricular activities.
  • Organizing sports day, cultural functions, annual day where students programme plan are highly recommended.
  • Field trip and picnic is the two most enthusiastic programmes where students and teachers enjoy the utmost.
  • Most of the national importance days are being celebrated.


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