Curricular Activities

• Internet connected online and offline provisions to facilitate learning
• Cooperative and problem based learning
• Workshops, theme based learning and similar active learning methods
• Experimental and first hand learning for the practicum of B.Ed and D. El. Ed programme.
• Community services
• Educational visits

Guest Lectures

Lectures are arranged at regular intervals on topics related to their curriculum. i.e. concept mapping, continuous Evaluation, Correlation of Arts in teaching learning Process, Incorporating Drama and Art in Education.

Extracurricular Activities

Festival Celebration

Various festivals like Republic Day, Saraswati Puja, Independence Day, Teachers Day, International Mother Language Day, Rabindra Jayanti etc are celebrated with a relevant festival message and view to create awareness among the students about the cultural diversities of the country.

Inter-collegiate Competitions

Our students participate eagerly in several Inter-college competitions and win recognitions for our college

Cultural Fete

Every year college organizes this programme for 2 days, where the first day is dedicated for the students and teachers for their own cultural performances and on the 2nd day renowned artist is being hired for performances.

Sports Day

The college conducts Sports Day in full sports spirit. Medals and certificates are awarded to the winner along with a Trophy to the winning house.

Students Council

The council is under the guidance of the principal and faculty members organize functions, curricular and co-curricular activities.

Annual Day

This is celebrated every year with huge enthusiasm. Prizes are awarded on this day.
Seminar and Workshops
Course related workshops and seminars are conducted throughout the year for the benefit of the students

Community outreach Activities

• Taking up campaigns and awareness drives to create awareness about the social issues like-
> Sexual harassment at workplace
> Swatchh Bharat Abhijan
> Domestic violence
> Government schemes for the rural poor people
> Food , safety , water , sanitation and hygiene
• Community service in different villages around the campus.

Learning through Library

  •  Library work is made meaningful by deploying every student to write reviews of the research article from journals which can be used for: Course assignments and theme based assemblies.4
  •  Critical evaluation of textbook throughout the year as part of content enrichment programme
  •  Converting library as a special classroom for facilitating learning through reference.
  •  Continuous tutorial in the form of open book assignment

Field trips

Every year picnic is organized by the college with the help of Students’ Council where one of the purposes is to have knowledge in the area, the community and interaction with each other. They themselves prepare food with lots of fun.