Infrastructure >> Instructional Facilities >> Library

i) Total Number of Books 5281
ii) Total Number of Titles 2800
iii) Total Number Encyplodeya 43
iv) Total Number of Journals 26
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    The library subscribes to varieties of Journals on Education (mainly), Science and Arts subjects. The collection also includes back volumes of Journals, Magazines, Career guidance books and News bulletins about employment. Apart from the borrowing facility, the library has reading room facilities also. The students are totally dependent upon the library for their requirement related to B. Ed course.

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    The collection is continuously reviewed and added with new books to support their needs. Internet is also accessible to the students in the library. A good number of e-journals of SAGE publications as well as a large number of variety of e-resources (e-journals, e-books, databases, etc) through the N-LIST for colleges (UGC-INFLIBNET) consortium are accessible from the library.

Infrastructure >> Instructional Facilities >> Computer & Media Lab

i) Total Number of CPU 30
ii) Total Number of Scanner & Printer 4
iii) Total Number LCD Projector 2
iv) Total Number of Monitor 25 + 4 Stand By
v) **Free YIFY Internet Access with 2mbps high speed Brodband
vi) **Good collection of latest software libraries
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    Computer Lab ..

    Uttaran College of education maintains multiple computer labs with latest collections of software & multimedia hardware equipments in its campus. We provide the knowledge base on basic to advanced computerto all our students..

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    Computer lab...

    Students will receive personal assistance and help with campus login,basic computer questions and find all necessery information form expert instructor.

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