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Discipline is a semi qua non of any successful academic life. Student are expected to maintain proper discipline and peace in the class room, in the college office, in the library and reading room, in the meeting hall, in the play ground and college campus is general as well as in all spheres of college life in their own interacts. No society/No association/No club or other organizing shall be formed without the prior permission of the college authorities.

No meeting of the students shall be concerned and no outside person shall be invited in the college campus without the permission of the college authorities.

No function, social or otherwise shall be breach of discipline, rules or regulation shall be liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the college as decided by the college authorities.

Any student found quality of the breach of discipline rules or regulations shall be liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the college as decided by the college authorities.



A student failing to attend less than 60% of the classes held be declared DIS-COLLEGIATE . i.e he / she in will be debarred from appearing at the final examination under the university.

A student attending less than 75% of the classes held is declared NON-COLLEGIATE. She / he in that case has to pay the required fine as non-Collegiate fee for appearing at the University Examination.



During the course every student will be provided with an identity card. Students must come to the collage with their identity cards and must show the card at the main entrance of the college. Loss of identity card must be reported to the college authority.

Including expulsion from the college as decided by the college authorities.

Some other necessary information

  1. Attendance in all the curricular or co-curricular programmers is compulsory. If he/she fails to attend the programme, he/she must inform the principle & give application with proper grounds otherwise college authority has every rights no to allow him/her to sit the final examination.
  2. Appending in the Test Examination will be compulsory for being sent up for the final B. Ed examination.
  3. A minimum of 75 attendances at classes, both theoretical and practical, in each subject is compulsory.
  4. Outside are not permitted within the college premises and students should not bring outsiders to the college without prior permission of the authority of the college.
  5. Cell phone should be switched off during class hours and inside the library.
  6. Malpractices of any type of examination will lead immediate expulsions from the examination hall.
  7. The college is recognized by the NCTE and affiliated to the University of Burdwan and the seats are therefore limited.(Total seats 100 Only)
  8. Deputed Candidates can enjoy C.L. or M.L as per Govt. Rules


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