Rules and Regulations


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  • Discipline – Students are expected to maintain appropriate discipline not only in the class room, but also in college office, library, meeting hall, and playground and in the entire college campus. Without the prior permission of the authorities, any formation of association is strictly prohibited. No outsider is not allowed in the college campus without the permission of the college authorities. Without the permission of the authorities organizing any social function is strictly prohibited and if any student is found associated, shall be liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the college as decided by the college authorities. Cell Phones are strictly prohibited in the classroom and library.

  •  Identity Card –Every student must come to the college with their identity card (as provided by the college) without which they will not be allowed to get in the campus. Loss of identity card must be reported to the college authority in the next college day.

  •  Active Participation- Attendance in all the co-curricular programmes is compulsory and if he/ she fail to attend the programme, he/ she must give an application with appropriate reasons. Active participation in these programmes is highly recommendable for securing good marks in internal assessment.